Estes Park & some women I’ve met

I'm at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park with Dave and Tredessa, who are both attending the Writer's Convention for the next several days.  There was a lush and plentiful rain before breakfast, some brilliant sunshine this morning and a mini-snow-blizzard during lunch.  It is beautiful and crisp and woody-smelling.

Already during just breakfast and lunch today, we have met some amazing women who have incredible hearts and ministries – all involved in worship &/or prayer &/or missions, not to mention writing!  What a blessing!  Check them out at their websites:

Liz Babbs Liz was miraculously healed from myalgic encaphalomyelitus (sometimes know as chronic fatigue syndrome) so she wrote a book to help other sufferers.  Though she was trained in dance, Liz now produces many books and therapeutic CDs providing soothing music and meditations from people suffering from a whole range of diseases.  Zondervan recently published her book, Into God's Presence – Listening to God through Prayer and Meditation, for "the heart that longs for communion with Christ."  We got to hear her speak a little at the opening session and then meet her at lunch.  She has a unique healing ministry and a great British accent!

Then we met this amazing Romanian woman, Lidia Oprean (with her own beautiful accent) with a huge heart for her home nation and missions and a ministry with her daughter to minister  the love of God through Jesus Christ to the families of special needs children, based on Psalm 139, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made…"  Becky's Hope Ministry, provides camps for the siblings and retreats for the families of special needs families as well as training support for local pastors and churches in ministering to them.  Lidia has such a precious, loving heart!

Becky Spencer

But, wow, we started the day having breakfast with Becky Spencer from Kansas.  Don't let the black and white photo fool you: this woman is colorful!  She is a dynamic speaker, worship leader (singer and somgwriter) and author and just imparts the things God has done in her life so enthusiastically!  She and her husband have 8 kids, 4 by birth and 4 through adoption and that is a story in itself.  Last night she spoke some of the most powerful words we heard about going through the really hard stuff, the stuff that strips you bare – so Christ can finally and fully be formed in you!  This woman is a bright light at this conference, she just shines!

What a privilege to meet such anointed and generous women – out there changing the world through their writings and recordings and in whatever way God leads!

Hope you're having as much fun!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: There is so much to learn from so many surprising sources!

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