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.Dottie Rambo 

Dottie Rambo died early this morning (on Mother's Day) in a bus crash as she was traveling to a singing date.  See the Associated Press article here:

She was one of of the most prolific gospel songwriters ever, and the original power-singer.  I grew up on Dottie Rambo music.  (See this youtube of her recently, her health was really bad due to a botched back surgery years ago, but she was still out there singing her songs!) I mean – her music was the song of our lives.  "He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need,"  and "Remind Me, Dear Lord," and "If that isn't Love," and so many more…

In an interesting set of twists, for Mother's Day this year, my siblings and I bought my mom a 20 CD set (each representing a re-recording of 2 albums=40 Rambo albums  And Dottie died in Springfield, MO, which is where my parents are moving in one week to retire.

My mom is sad on Mother's Day.

I wrote about Dottie's daughter, Reba Rambo-McGuire, recently

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  1. I, too, am sad.  If ANYONE wrote so poetically about the Lord, how much He loves us, how faithful He is to carry us through the storms of this life, how glorious it will be to meet Him in His new heaven, IT WAS DOTTIE!!!  It was as though I didn't expect her homegoing to be sad because it would simply be a fulfillment of all that He had given to her to share with us.  And yet, when the time came, I instead felt the loss of just knowing someone so great was no longer walking the same earth that I am.  I have been feeling like I have lost a loved one of my own.  At times like these you realize how powerful a song, and therefore a songwriter, is and how deeply the words touch you.  It's seems like they might be thoughts or feelings of your own, but you just didn't know how to put them in the right order, to the right melody.  SHE DID.  What a gift she had … and was!

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