Booooooooooo – Operation : : KILL the Grasshoppers

There is a whole scurrying, jumping, munching, flying, plant-destroying army in my backyard and they are grossing me out.

Even though I read that once they have grown to adulthood and are thoroughly enjoying your garden you cannot win, – oh, win I intend to!

The organic method:

Water plants and then sprinkle with good old-fashioned all-purpose flour.  The flour will gunk them up as they try to eat and like a large Thanksgiving dinner, will swell up in them as they drink to clean out their insides.  They deserve it.

The more direct and “Jeanie-ous” idea:

Carry a badmitton racquet with me into the garden.

Uh-huh.  We’ll see, suckers!

It’s on!

3 thoughts on “Booooooooooo – Operation : : KILL the Grasshoppers

  1. I like the badminton idea, we could let the grand kids go wild without reinforcing them to kill things :) I remember as a kid over in Northglenn catching the huge ones and making them spit tobacco all over the place, of course at times we also pulled the jumping legs off so they couldn’t escape very well. But if we left the jumping legs on, we would tie long string around their necks for a pet romp.

  2. LOL! I love your idea! Wack them clear to Kansas! Ohmygosh Dave I too would catch them and pull their legs off. Yep, me… I had 6 brother to keep up with. ;)

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