Awesome Digs

Remember those little wax bottles?  You’d bite off the “cap” suck the 1/16 teaspoon of colored water out and then chew the wax – because gum was not always available?  They still have those!

We did not dig in the dirt today.

The pool is still up.  But today we officially started Pre-K for Gemma May.  Once a week with Nonna and every day with mommy and daddy.  She and I have been hanging out pretty much all year, but “school work” was mostly “playing school” and making crafts!  Good times.  Today she came with her backpack and school supplies, so grown up and so ready to read!  First order of business?  She made a “family’ of butterflies.”  “Mommy and daddy, Gavin and me and then Guini!  There we are.  We are flying!”

The speed of life has at least doubled since my kids were young.  And quadrupled since I was.  It really does fly.  A gazillions miles per hour!

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