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I started this blog on November 29, 2006 during a dark time when I just needed to be able to talk and was hoping I could find a place to tell the truth even when it hurt me or exposed my ugly side (as if it couldn’t already be seen). I wasn’t always forthcoming, it took awhile, but it was freeing to expose my darkness and hit “post”! There, done. Never to be retrieved. Freedom!

It took me me until September 26, 2007 to get to the 100th post, which was a full 10 months, but only a scant 6 months to get to the 200th post, for which no fanfare or mention was made and I can only guess happened on or about March 21, 2008. Here we are at number 300, just 4 months and some days later and I am barely hitting my stride! Ha!

I can make fun of myself as a blogger. I had a friend laugh that she actually got mad when people asked her how she was doing. She was like, “Well, haven’t you read my blog?” The nerve.

Bloggers realize they are graphomaniacal. We madly write a post with passion and gusto and then wait to see if anyone reads and leaves a comment. If no one comments, we think we will never write again. But we do. We cannot help ourselves.

So, I shall blog on -for the thousands and thousands of people who read my blog daily, hourly even, and just choose not  to comment, as they wrestle through the issues I have raised, are dumbfounded by the awesomeness of my thoughts, or must meditate on on the wisdom I share. Yes, I’ll continue on for all of them. Or maybe just because I know my mom wants me to. Could it be she is my only reader? Well, it matters not, tomorrow there will be another blog, #301. Tomorrow is another day!

NOTE: I am happy to report that somewhere between the beginning and now (and very recently, at that), my mom has learned to post comments.

9 thoughts on “Blog: Three Hundred

  1. Let me be the first to say, old (read: long time) friend, BLOG ON! Your thought-provoking, obviously Holy Spirit led wisdom is a welcome help. And you “realness” (don’t think that is really a word) just makes it hit home with more power. So, keep talking to your vegetables, grandkids, husband, and friends, and let us reap the benefits. Thank you, and may God continue to inspire you.

    Note to Sherri: Think deeper thoughts…like Jeanie.

  2. Hey Jeanie, I love your blog and read it almost every day. I have learned a lot through your blogs and I still feel like I have a closeness to you, even though we don’t get to see each other that often. Keep the blogs coming.

  3. I would just like to say, even though I torment Jeanie constantly I love her blog I read it every day. It is thoughtful, loving and wise. I look to her and Dave for advice all the time.Pearl and I will ask each other if there is anything new on their blogs and are kind of sad when there isn’t. Congratulations on # 300 ( 90% of which is about tomatoes, had to poke fun at you some how your readers are expecting me to)Love you, thanks for encouraging me to start my own.

  4. I start each morning looking to see what pearl of wisdom, wise thought or good laugh I will glean from your wonderful blog. You have inspired me! I started blogging just before HeavenFest. So much pent up excitement, I had to let it out!
    Blog on, you make my days brighter with your light!

  5. Congrats on the 300th blog! It is truly an acheivement;o) If there is anyone in the world who was meant to blog – it’s you!

    Love you;o)

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