Biblical Butt-Kicking

I shoulda started Joshua yesterday and been finishing it and starting in on Judges today.  That’s where I shoulda been, since I decided to jump into the 90-Day read-through-the-Bible plan during this busiest summer ever.  I learned about this deal through the Denver Post, a June 1-August 31 thing and thought I’d give it a try.

I have read through the Bible in a year, but not that many times, frankly.  For 3 years in a row I read the OT through once and the NT through twice. I enjoyed getting more New Testament during that plan.  But I have also taken a lot longer and though I don’t get the mark on my scoreboard, I really enjoy the Word.  Time in the Word is time with the Word…

Some people keep track of how many times they have read the entire Bible through in a year like they are gathering up Super Bowl rings or something.   My preference would be to relish the Word, study deep and meander through it.  And sometimes I just don’t read it often enough.  Let’s be honest. 

But here I am – attempting this marathon read-through.  I started a couple of days late and totally lost control while I was in Kentucky.  I am in  Numbers.  I should be reading the end of Joshua.

Will she make it?  Will she know Him more by the end?

Lord, I don’t just want to do this to say I have done it, but I want to hear You and know more of You and learn to be like You.  May Your Word do a work in my heart this summer.  Help me to hide Your Word in my heart, to meditate on Your precepts and laws.  Your Word is eternal and established and is my delight.  This summer as I feast on this living Word, I will also obey it, Lord.  Teach  me, change me…

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