15 Days until Heaven Fest

I am a wife.  I married my true love 28 years ago yesterday (he wrote sweet words).  God gave me children, I am a mom.  Then He surprised me quite delightfully with these 5 little human beings called grandchildren.  A reward!  A trophy for my old age.  I am a servant of the most high.  I am a faltering, still-learning, mercy-needer.  And I am almost 50.

Yet, here I am on the adventure of a lifetime, helping produce Heaven Fest: a massive, one-day, Christian music, worship and arts festival and we’re praying our heads off to be a catalyst for revival, to see the Church come together to make the Name of Jesus glorious!

Did I also mention? I am pooped. 

And, I am…Jeanie

4 thoughts on “15 Days until Heaven Fest

  1. I’m so looking forward to it, but not looking forward to setting up.

    Happy 28 years!! Ben and I will always look to you and Dave as inspiration. You are such a blessing to us!

  2. Blessing to you for putting your heart and soul into HeavenFest. May this all be pleasing to our most amazing and holy Father! I’m sure ready to get this party started!

  3. And because you are all those things, you and your family (and all the other amazing people who have and are working on this) will be bringing a huge blessing into my sister’s life as she travels to Denver for the sole purpose (or is that soul purpose)of attending Heaven Fest.

    So congratulations on 28 years and all the blessings that you have enjoyed, and all the ones yet to be.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I think you should do something really special for your 30th…Paris?

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