1001 Square Inches of Grilling Space


“Cooks up to 65 hamburgers or 126 hotdogs at once: offers 1001 square inches of grilling space with 2 hinged covers that open to reveal over 1000 square inches of side shelf space for food prep, storage and serving.”

8-Burner Event Grill

Yes, folks.  That’s right.  The kids got Dave an event grill for Father’s Day because the top-of-the-line grills at Target and WalMart just were not big enough in his mind.  No, this one is more than 7 feet long and has 8 burners, because…?  They actually have online forums for the owners of these babies.  Yikes! 


A Late Father’s Day

Because of travel and crazy schedules, we postponed Father’s Day by a week.  It was also cool because it was in the middle of our reunion so my sibs and I got to tell dad we love him and give him a framed print we’d taken at church that morning and Elise and Corbin wrote my brother Joe a poem and basically: we just honored all the dads there!

Even I was surprised that they did it, as I thought they’d decided on something else.  And Dave and I had truly been shopping for a new grill before the reunion.

Let me just tell you, in case you are getting any ideas, Dave has added addditional lockage to our gate so his “cadillac of grills” doesn’t go rolling out on its nice wheeled stand.  He thinks everyone will covet.


He hauled it out and built it for 4th-of-July grilling and at just the moment it was time to grill the marinated chicken tenders, steaks, burgers, all-beef hot dogs, cheese brats and chicken and pineapple kabobs (can you say overkill?), we got a major downpour.  I looked through my kitchen window to see a forlorn Dave unhurling the umbrella so his grill wouldn’t get wet.  Hilarious!


Everybody ate their fill and left the fridge stocked with enough cooked meats to get us through the week.

Kiddos – you blessed your dad!  Bring the meat and come for dinner!…Mom

NOTE TO SELF:  All meals on Dave’s grill for the rest of the summer…this is a good thing!

5 thoughts on “1001 Square Inches of Grilling Space

  1. With the size of your family I think it was probably time to get the BIG one. It looks like Dave’s really enjoying it!

  2. That grill is SO cool! I think Dad should get a food vendor permit for HF, so he can sell hot dogs!

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