I was scrolling through my past Tweets the other day and I liked this one.  It was a silly thought, but still, I liked my own Tweet.  There.  I admitted it.   :)

Meaning: things in our lives that have brought us so much satisfaction and joy and fulfillment as people often get pushed aside for something we think (or have been told) is more important.  I mean, really: in Kindergarten, was there a better day than the one in which it was your turn to use the easel and the paints?  Of course there wasn’t.

I bought some big packages of that grainy, yellowish-gold manilla paper.  I have wonderful paints for the grandbebes.  But I got out of Kindergarten and let it go.  Why?

Other things I wish I’d done more with ~

  • being more artistsic in whatever fashion I took a fancy to: painting or learning to draw well or lettering or papier mache (please say it the way the French do) or graphics or collage…I really did always love collage.
  • reading more, for the love of reading
  • studying more – there is just so much to learn about so many things, but I only reward myself with delving in to a topic when “everything else” is done
  • but mostly singing…I wish I hadn’t let singing go. I used to sing.

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  1. It’s never too late to pick any of it up again. I loved putting together models. I wished I hadn’t given away so many. Every year we would take a two week vacation to California. We would go either the northern root through Idaho or the southern root through Arizona. Whichever, we would then come back the opposite way. Visit an aunt of my dad’s in Walla Walla Washington. My brother in Oregon. My grandpa in Fresno and my sister and brother-in-law in Las Vegas. The entire way, I sat in the back seat or when we had a camper, I sat at a table in the back and put together models. ( We rode in the back with no seatbelts, imagine that) Cars, 18wheelers, planes, tanks, or air craft carriers. It mattered not. When i vot jo e i had more to add to my collection. It’s a wonder we didn’t all get high from the fumes. That was back when air plane glue was air plane glue! I would pick up modeling again but it’s too expensive! Have to with the grand kids.

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