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A misc. gathering of tips and truth-nuggets that will bless your life.  ;)

Oh goodness…it happened again, didn’t it?  I went so long between blogs I am chattering away!

Plus, I have been experiencing technical difficulties.  Where is the blog-fairy when you flipping need her, I want to know???  Anyway – here goes…

avocado to guacamole


TIP:  Holy-guacamole! My best Kitchen-Tip-of-the-Week (or maybe the year…since I don’t actually ever share kitchen tips)

Because I may or may not actually be in the kitchen very much these days.


If you happen upon a 4/$1.00 avocado sale, you must take advantage, you just must!  Even though avocados don’t “last,” they can be mashed and frozen for Guacamole at a later date.  And you should be eating regular and copious amounts of guac.  Really.  You should.

And – when it is time to cut them in half all at once during that 3-minute window of perfection and you have a mountain of avocado halves in your biggest bowl to smash – attack with your handy-dandy pastry blender.  In just a few seconds, no kidding – seconds, you’ll have perfectly prepared avocado.  You can leave it chunky or blend until it’s creamy smooth, but the pastry cutter works so fast you’ll wonder what happened!

And speaking of avocados, I saw this hilarious thing on Pinterest last week and I actually for real LOLed!

not yet avocado print

TIP:  Hanging up now.

I always {at least try to} turn my phone notifications completely off when I am in a meeting or with anyone who means anything at all to me.  At least I believe in that.

But lately, I’ve been getting really sloppy at this, because – well, isn’t everyone else checking their phone round-the-clock these days?

The truth is, I have found I can actually turn it off or put it away for 90-minutes and it’s a proven fact I am not really that important anyway.  The universe goes right on spinning and the world doesn’t fall apart and the few texts and calls I may miss without my eyes on my phone haven’t been life or death.

I don’t mind turning my phone off and just leaving it off for people who warrant my time to begin with.  And I really feel warmly towards people who do the same for me ~ a surprising sweetness to my heart.

telephone rotary

TIP:  My Favorite TED Talks

First of all, I super-duper love TED Talks.  I have been exposed to some really fascinating ideas and seen things in the world I didn’t even know were happening, buildings I thought were only fantasies, possible solutions to world problems that have awed me – what a time to be alive!

TED “is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan ‘ideas worth spreading’.”  – Wikipedia

The talks were meant to bring together people from the three worlds of Technology, Entertainment and Design, thus TED.

The problem with TED Talks, according to Professor Benjamin Bratton, who actually used the TED Talk platform to slam the TED Talks, said TED more likely stands for “middlebrow, megachurch infotainment,” and he believes that the 18-minute or less talks are way over-simplified and are “making our best and brightest waste their time—and the audience’s time—dancing like infomercial hosts.”  Yes.  maybe.

To me, though, they are like magazine articles or short papers.  I learn maybe a little something, get my mind expanded, discover valuable information I can use.

I watched the whole Chew on This Ted Talks series twice on Netflix and found it fascinating, as the various speakers sometimes even contradicted each other on the topic of food, supply, world hunger, the moral issues for carnivores and vegans.  I liked that it made me think about what they were saying and helped me form opinions about food issues in the world in these disconcerting times.

I admire intelligence and thoughtful propositions.  And even though I totally believe and see life much differently than many of the speakers do, most of them manage to enlarge my awe of God and confirm my delight in His Word and all He is and will ever be.  Because ideas come from the Father of Lights!

ted talks

So here is a list of 7 TED Talks I like in no particular order.

You should check them out!


Derek Sivers: How to Start a Movement {CLICK HERE TO WATCH}

This one is seriously one of my favorites! It’s barely over 3 minutes long, but has been viewed by almost 3.5 million people.  I got such great understanding about the strength of what I bring to organizations I work with by watching this.  I love innovative, courageous, visionary people, I’m drawn to them.  And when I spot them, I want to be on their train, breathe the air they breathe and bleed the blood they bleed!  :)  And I bring courage for others to hop aboard, too.  I am a Deborah to a Barak, I’m Barney Rubble to Fred Flintstone, I’m the Lone Ranger’s Tonto.  This video actually helped me see that my leadership role in being a first-follower  is vital, not secondary.  I love cause and vision and being in the middle of creative chaos.  Visionaries are the most exciting people on earth and getting to be a propeller as a first follower, I am finally understanding, is my life’s work.


Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret to Better Work 12:20 {CLICK HERE}

This guy can tell a story and this talk just makes me laugh, a really fun watch!  He is a psychologist exploring the idea that instead of working get happy, happiness will actually increase our productivity.  The idea of  “Escaping the Cult of Average” that we’ve been creating through science is awesome!


Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action  18:04 {CLICK HERE}

This is one I just watched recently.  I knew it!  We do things, we believe things, we buy things, we give our lives to things from the inside out.  This is about the heart and soul of WHY.  I don’t live by reason alone (though I use my brain fully), I follow my guarded heart…

Above all else, guard your heart,  for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4.23


Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are  21:02 {CLICK HERE}

We know body language is “readable” and you can tell so  much about a person’s frame of mind from it, but I love that the research shows it isn’t just about reading what is, we can actually power-pose to create a completely different reality, encouraging ourselves through our own body language.  And it is very simple!


Jane McGonigal: The Game that Can Give You 10 Extra Years of Life 19:30 {CLICK HERE}

She is a gamer.  I didn’t think I’d get much from this one, but she makes a great case for the good in games and relational connectedness through them.  It gave me great hope for my grandchildren’s futures, as we watch interaction becoming more and more digital, or cyber or whatever it is?  :)  This talk comes with a bonus – potential to find healing through a game AND you get 7 1/2 minutes added to your life just by watching her talk!  No kidding!


Jill Bolte Taylor: My Stroke of Insight  18:44 {CLICK HERE}

Mama mia!!!  This one is fascinating!   This is a woman who is actually a real-life brain scientist and who got to experience and study her own massive stroke as it happened.


Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability  20:19 {CLICK HERE}

More than 10 years ago God began to reveal to me how wholeheartedness, a characteristic I loved reading about in the life of Hezekiah, was not another word for workaholism, but actually the antidote to working oneself to death.  I bet God wishes I had wholeheartedly pursued more understanding about it.  I do.  But I never forgot and wondered…I use the word “wholehearted” a lot (as a user name on many websites, and it’s even my personal email name), but it still seemed mysterious to me.  In the middle of the night earlier this year, I felt compelled to discover something new about wholeheartedness, just sensing it was time to flesh out the next thing about it, and ran across this woman {what a delightful surprise}, this TED Talk and wow – LOVE!  Brene Brown says all the things I am still trying to find the courage to say.  Shame sucks.  Being wholehearted is being courageous and having the courage “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”  This TED Talk, well, it has helped my daily existence on the earth.  I’m even in a book-club reading Brene right now.  :)  WATCH!

That’s enough TED Talks for today.  But there are more.  Oh yes, there are!  :)

The Gifts of Imperfection - Let go of who you think you're supposed to be and embrace who you are (your guide to a wholehearted life)

Brene Brown on being a wholehearted person of “ordinary courage” from her book, The Gifts of Imperfection

TIP:  How to get dancer’s legs

Amelie spent the night here last weekend with her big sister, Averi, and her cousins, Gemma and Guini.  And the girl can plie like there is no tomorrow.  So can Gemma.  Where the rest of “us girls” dance and giggle and maybe are a bit silly, Gemma and Amelie are serious dancers and have the muscular control and beautifully proportioned legs to show it!  We danced last weekend!  Gemma said, “Oh Nonna, I’m so tired, but this music just keeps me dancing!”

Last night Amelie Belle stayed here all by herself for the first time ever, because, as she told me, “I’m a big kid, now.”  Soon to be four and fiercely independent, yes – she is a big kid now.

For over an hour, all the way until she said, “I’m sleepy, Nonna,” she danced and twirled and plied and swooned and swished.  She loves getting to go to the record player, which happened to have a Perry Como album in place, to lift the arm and set it carefully down.  She finds having control over the volume of the surround-sound quite intoxicating, too.

And so she dances.  And dances.  And dances some more.  And in between dancing, she walks about on her tip-toes and maintains her dancer’s form, a ballotté here, a cabriole there and those little, tiny 3-year old legs are stronger than strong.

granddaughters twirling feb 2014

Blurry, because that is how dancing is.  :)

First thing this morning, after a pancake breakfast with Poppa my Tiny Dancer asked, “Can I put the music on?”  And Perry crooned to his band while she, up on her twinkle-toes, stretched and swirled and penchéted about the room and her strong, little muscle-y legs lifted her in a fancy-flight of joy.

Do you want to know, now, how to have dancer’s legs?  Dance, my sweets.  Dance and dance.  Dance before bed and the first thing upon rising.  Walk on your tip-toes and pretend you are the best that ever was, because soon you will be.  And with strong, beautiful dancer’s legs, too.

amelie's book

The Tiny Dancer, pre-school with Nonna



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