Three things I loved about Heaven Fest.

Just got home from Loveland where Heaven Fest 2011 happened.  And I am sooooo tired, but it is a great kind of tired.  There was so much good stuff.  My brain is mushy so for now may I thank God for these things:

1.  The interns. What an incredible bunch of kids.  I love them and am going to be so sad as we begin to part ways.  I love my Chelsie, Jon (the plankster), Gwen, Nina and Katherine (owling!) & Conner, too.  You guys are all so amazing.  I will someday say “I knew them when…”

2.  The week of Heaven Fest. It WAS a week of celebration.  We powered through morning, noon and night and laughed and worried and made quick videos and answered questions and made signs and forms and set-up and prayed and got nervous and had a festival.  The whole week leading up: amazing.  The 2 days cleaning up, tearing down, wow-tired, but sweet, too.

It DID hit 98 degrees that day.  Yeah for water trucks!

3.  The location. LOVED The Ranch.  Not only did the site work well, the people there went above and beyond in welcoming us and making the facility work for us.  It was gorgeous and organized and almost like God had it in mind when it was being built or something.

Happy sigh.


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  1. When you said you were “gifting” me with the interns on Friday for set up I had no idea how great of a gift that truly was! I do now and I sooo want them as my personal assistants! I know that God will bless them beyond measure for the help they offered to me and the sponsors!

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