Write, 100 times, “I will not…”

Remember waaaaaaay back when children had to write sentences on a blackboard when they were naughty in school?  Back in the “Leave it to Beaver” era?  By the time I was in school the discipline was still used, but we had to write on paper.  I think it happened to me twice.  Not much of a punishment, though, because I don’t recall what I had to write and plus I love writing.  :)

Saw a piece of sidewalk chalk near a blank board in the kitchen today.  I thought to myself, “Maybe we should write sentences of things we need to remember and be doing and saying.”  This may be a new exercise for me.


“God bless all in this house.”  A quote from The Quiet Man.

2 thoughts on “Write, 100 times, “I will not…”

  1. I had to write sentences sometimes. Not so much on the blackboard although I did do that but mostly in my Big Chief tablet. I remember I even had to do it at home like homework. I was in trouble then, big time. That was in the day that we had a ruler racked over our knuckles ( only by certain teachers , mostly Miss Stump) and the if you got in trouble at school then you got in trouble at home. I think I turned out with no permanent damage from that and wasn’t subjected to a “time out”. I did have to stand in the corner sometimes. So I guess that is a kin to public humiliation in The Stockade in the middle ofthe town square, but still :)

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