worst. thing. ever.

I love writing by inspiration.  Love it.  When it happens, drop everything!  It does not happen often enough for my taste.

Yesterday, a late afternoon thunder storm rolled in and everything got very dark for half a hour and inspiration  hit and for 20 minutes words-words-words poured out and arranged themselves with vivid color and texture and sound and I could taste raindrops and see flower petals magnified and I was inside the writing and the phrases just built themselves with a flow of loveliness that fell like magic raindrops.

Then something crashed with this crazy computer or with WordPress or something and ($#@!@#$!!!) and I lost.every.single.bit.of.it.  All the magic dissipated and I had to be somewhere right then and I couldn’t even try to recall.

How can it be gone?  It is.

2 thoughts on “worst. thing. ever.

  1. This is so sad! Luscious, delicious, wonderful stories and words and word pictures gone….I hope, I truly hope the Lord gives you back the words. It”s like going to your friend’s home and smelling the most aromatic cinnamon rolls cooking and you go in the kitchen and realize she has bought the best candle in the history of candles and alas, no rolls.

    1. I love you for understanding this, Donna. I had never quite had anything like it. Devastation. It hasn’t come back yet, but Dave tells me it will and will be better because I will really craft it this time, very aware of the fleeting nature of the written words. LOVE your analogy! :)

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