Why Tredessa can’t marry Danny Gokey

I had the best idea ever!

Everyone knows I was a little ga-ga over Gokey during the last season of American Idol.  He ended up in 3rd place, but should have been #1!  Danny was the big voice, sweet kid with 187 pairs of eye glasses – so kind of a nerd with panache.  And he was a worship-leader-widower.  The more I learned about him, his values and heart, the more I loved him!

I began to devise: Yes – what a great idea!  Tredessa is so right for himLet’s book him for Heaven Fest.  Because naturally, if we got Danny and I could get them both backstage and they met, they’d see what a perfect match they’d be, right?  I mean-you know Tredessa – how lucky would Danny be?

Then Tredessa sent me this quote in an an email with the subject being  “Why I can’t marry Danny Gokey”:

Never get involved with a man whose wife’s been murdered. For one, he’s not a real barrel of laughs. Two, you can’t compete with her. It’s not like the marriage started going downhill when she was boozing or sleeping around. I mean, she was taken from him at the peak of their love. She’s gone out on a high. She’s like Marilyn Monroe or Jimmy Dean. Can’t compete with her.  Never get involved with a man whose wife’s been murdered.” -Ricky Gervais on Extras

And apparently even though Danny’s wife (who, by the way actually was a beautiful woman of conviction, who devoted her energies to ministering to families and children who had been touched by “poverty, sickness, or disease”) wasn’t murdered, Tredessa believes this still applies.

As if.

Here the kicker, though.  Stormie and I were a little worried about me posting this in case Danny Gokey googles his name and reads this and I have now ruined any and all chances my daughter ever had with him.  When I told Tre, she laughed her head off and said, “Post away.  I don’t think this blog will be what ruins my chances.”

Sophia’s Heart Foundation “One Heart Touching Many”  The Foundation Danny founded in his late wife’s honor.  A good cause.

2 thoughts on “Why Tredessa can’t marry Danny Gokey

  1. Yea- that Jimmy Dean, he’s the best. I really like his ‘spicy’ suasage. Not to mention he raises most of his pork in Iowa- the mother land!

    Now if you meant, James Dean, the actor, that’s a whole different story. Yea- he went out on top.

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