When hope and love collide

Tara and Dave just adopted Malakai!

I know I have encouraged you to read their story HERE.  Adoption is beautiful and it is costly.  They have sacrificed a lot to bring Kai into their world, to choose him, to give him a home and a family.  But their friends and family have helped, too.  Many people get to share in the delight and joy that this little fella has brought, as we have all learned a lot more about the “spirit of adoption (Romans 8.15).  Family is lovely, big or small.

There is another couple whose journey I am following via their well-read blog, The Lettered Cottage (www.theletteredcottage.net).  I am watching as they take all the steps my kids have just recently, which has culminated in so much joy for us.  I cannot help but want to cheer them on and pray for them as they also take the many sacrificial strides toward opening their hearts and home to a child who needs one.

On that blog, the adoptive daddy-to-be wrote and recorded a song for the child they haven’t yet met.  Can you even imagine what an ongoing remembrance of love that will be?  You can download “Love Collides” for a monetary gift that will go towards their upcoming adoption.

Isn’t that cool?  Get an MP3 and invest in a child’s life.  {CLICK HERE}  I did!  :)   It is such a sweet song with beautiful lyrics.

Baby Kai update: he is 12 days old!

Meanwhile – Kai is getting stronger daily.  He is still in NICU and mommy and daddy are getting more anxious daily to get to take him home.  They are “living at the hospital” until he is released (because it is too far to go back and forth) and Hunter is just rolling with the flow, a few days here, a few days there, adventures with friends and family and waiting for his baby brother.  Pray with us it will be soon, OK?  :)

Kai knows he is loved like crazy

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  1. Just found out today! Hooray! So, so happy for all of you! Praying along with you for each day to find him stronger and stronger so he can go out and meet God’s destiny for his sweet life. Again so happy for all of you! Hugs!

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