What is the meaning of this?

Name meanings are cool.  And sometimes also “used” rather superstitiously.

I have had people ask if I was afraid of what I’d done to Stormie by naming her that, as if it was some life-sentence to really bad weather or that I had cursed her to an uproarious and largely disastrous life.  “Because in the Bible,” they’d explain,”a person’s named signified what kind of life they’d have prophetically.”  Yes.  That is true at times.  But also, people were named by who they were and what they’d done – the way a person lived their life brought a name meaning.

My kids’ names have meanings.  But not so much the ones a paperback book of baby names tell me they have.  Because of how they live.  They have given their own names meaning.

Tara Jean

Meaning: Firstborn.  Tower of strength.  The Joy of the Lord is her strength.  Liquid joy.  Youthful.  Soft-hearted.  City on a hill.  Bright light.  Shining star.  Sunshine Bear.  “God is gracious.”  The earth is blessed.  She has a voice.

Stephanie May

Meaning: “The crowned jewel.”  The heir.  Strong desire.  A pearl.  Proof.  Merry days of spring.  Industrious, ardent, savvy.  Multi-prismed, reflective.  Rainbow-bear.  Breath.  Life, against all hope.  A song.  The singer.  The helper.

Tredessa Christine

Meaning:  Unique.  Exotic.  Strong.  Positionally central.  Adventurer.  “Harvester.  Gatherer.  Christ-bearer.”  Of strength.  Passionate.  Deeply insightful.  Princess warrior, regal.  One who places things and people in their best place.

Rocky (David Allen the 2nd)

Meaning:  From strength.  Solid.  Beloved son.  Handsome outwardly, beautiful, inwardly. Worshipper, singer.  Psalmist.  The name-bearer, the prince.  Unshakable.  Initiator.  Instigator.  Revelator.  Deep calling to deep.

Stormie Dae

Meaning: Light and hope.  Of the brightness.  Generous.  Cleansing rain, holy gale.  Servant-hearted.  Humble.  Gentle.  Helper.  Armor-bearer.  Covers and contends.  Empathizer.  Insightful, she sees, hears.  Skilled designer.

Now for me: mom

Meaning: the woman who got to carry these 5 in her womb while God worked His magic, knitting and creating and fashioning and making a plan; the woman who witnessed their arrival, mysterious and precarious, joyful and ecstatic.  The woman who combed out tangles and made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for them while they grew into the people they would become.  The woman who thanks God for the ones He entrusted to her and is very pleased with how they have turned out.

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  1. Wow! I completely missed this post before. Such a cool one. Thanks for sending this to me. LOVE what you put for me. I feel so undeserving:)

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