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Carol Ann Kelly is just this really vivacious, joyous heart who lives well and loves deeply.  She is committed to God and her husband and her girls and her ministry.  Her blog is one of my long-time favorites (and when I say say "long-time" we are talking like less than a year because I was slow to jump in to all this).  This woman is a giant in the kingdom, literally working to effectively unleash thousands of teenagers into faith sharing (www.dare2share.org) every day of her life.  She is a worship leader who says she's more comfortable behind-the-scenes, but I think that's funny because God's favor shines all over her publicly.

Heather Weiland is one of the most powerful and insightful Christian women I have ever known.  She doesn't allow the things she discerns spiritually to discourage her, but rather rises up, ready to kick some enemy butt. I can't tell you the times she has given me a "word in season" that has renewed my faith and been a healing balm.  Young in years, she is wise beyond them, a leader of women, a courage-giver to men.  She is really a modern-day Deborah (Judges 4, 5), beautiful inside and out.  She just entered blogworld a couple of weeks ago so you can get in on her heart as it unfolds right in front of you from the ground level.

Tonia Quintana, aka QTbenina, is my daughter Tredessa's roommate, but more.  Tonia has the gentlest and most loving spirit and can win your heart with the snap of her fingers because her motivations are so true, so loving, so pure.  She is a rare find and our entire family treasures her.  When we were gone during the hottest days of summer, I figured I'd come home to a lot of garden loss, but Tonia came over and fussed over my garden.  She walked it.  She cared for it.  She watered and attended and by the time I came home one week later – it had never been so lush, so beautiful.  She caused double fruitfulness in my backyard – pretty much what she does for the people in her life.  She just started blogging this week.  Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Wander by this Weekend

  1. Jeanie…   You're so loving and praise-giving.  I don't think I deserve such a sweet assessment, but I'm thankful and humbled for it nonetheless.  You are the mother of the newest sister of mine, one of my dearest friends for life.  I think so highly of her, and of your entire family, because I know that your are each blessed and called and faithful.  You awash people in your life with love and send them out in Godly confidence.  You leave a legacy and have a true mother's heart.  You're an awesome example to me, and I'm incredibly blessed to have your daughter as my friend and roommate.  In her I get to see a little piece of you every day!

  2. Wow. If you were to look at my glob (I typed that in error–then laughed at it!!) blog–you would think Jeanie had gotten people mixed up. I really need to learn to laugh at myself more–at how often I actually get it wrong! But truly, I can tell you that even though these amazing words have been spoken over me, I am simply a mixed up child of God. He kept peering into the window of my life for the first 15 years, just waiting for me to open the door to invite him in. The next 15 have been just as mixed up, but God has provided mighty, mighty women to mentor to me and model the Christ-walk of the Godly woman. Jeanie, you will never know just how much your Christ-walk, your investment and your friendship has blessed and poured life into me. If ever I need a physical reminder of His friendship and companionship for me, I have only to think of you, and some of the other (Pearl's, Mary Jean's, Maxine's & Maureen's) in my life.

  3. I'm not sure which Carol Ann Kelly you're referring to!  :-) Thanks Jeanie – very sweet words.  I love the pathways of life and the friendships they bring.  Yours is one I treasure very much!  Here's to many more latte conversations!  Love you!

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