Walking by Faith, not by Sight


Gavin and Guini are spending 4 days with us while their parents are at the Life 2007 conference in Florida.

Gavin found, as soon as he settled in, one of those individually-wrapped fortune cookies on my counter, compliments of Aunt Stormie's many take-out orders.  He loves them.  He opened it to eat and with great care retrieved the little piece of paper from the center, furrowed his brow and pondered, "Hmmm…what does this say?"  Before I had a chance to read it to him, he deciphered the message himself: "Oh, it says, "Gavin's gonna get candy! candy! candy!'  Oh, ok."  He continued crunching, content to have received a prophetic word of a good future.

You know, I actually had to look, as if somewhere, wherever they manufacture these random wisdom-bits, perhaps, indeed, there had been a cosmic declaration meant only for my grandson – that the very strong desire of his heart was being answered and somehow that cookie was on that counter at that moment to confirm his destiny.

Though I didn't see the same thing he did when I read the the tiny slip, I can verify to you that yesterday Gavin did, most assuredly, get candy!

Try this for fun: when our family gets together for Chinese take-out, we read our fortunes together, but end all with this phrase, "in the bathroom."  It does interesting things to the meanings!  Blessings, Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: "And now here is my secret…it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, for what is essential is invisible to the eye." – The Fox's secret in The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  Believe beyond what my eyes can see…

2 thoughts on “Walking by Faith, not by Sight

  1. It's all perspective. Sandy is our dog. Sandy eats. Therefore Sandy poops. Therefore someone has to clean up the poop. Gavin loves to go into the back yard and help "Dra-Draw" pick up the poop. I think he just likes to say the word "poop". It is sort of a fun word. So yesterday, it was time to pick up the poop. And since Gavin and Guini are staying at the house, Gavin was on poop detail with me. As I was nosing the shovel into the steaming pile, Gavin took one look and said: "Dra-Draw, that's Sandy's poop, that's disgusting!" "Yes it is," I replied. But then without a beat he looked at a different pile and said: "Oh, I like that color, that's my favorite color!" It's all in the way you look at things… dave

  2. I like fortune cookies, too.  They generally crack me up, but sometimes I wonder, just a little…  I like Gavin's perspective.  I think I'll insert into the next one exactly what I want and visualize that it will be true!  We do the "in the bathroom" thing, too.  It's hysterically funny most of the time, occasionally just perplexing, but it definitely makes things more interesting.  :)

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