Upon My Return

I had left Dave a {TO-DO} list HERE

My first observations after the trip to see the parentals…

Dave had added lots of deli meats (ham!) and cheeses and condiments (spreads and dips) to his food collection.

Most of the fresh produce I left was still in the fridge…but no longer fresh.

This rather self-congratulatory piece of mail arrived in the mailbox.

brighton, co water ban

Meanwhile – all Brighton residents were on a water ban for 3 or 4 days!  There was e-coli in some of the testings and all chaos broke loose.  All the grocery stores were out of water.  Restaurants had to close.  Everyone had to boil their water for anything consumable (including doing dishes!)…it was crazy.  But I missed all the excitement, hallelujah!

Dave took his garden-watering instructions quite seriously and my garden…well, it’s a jungle out there, e-coli be darned!

The basil has already delighted in some fresh bruschetta and slow-simmered marinara.

The hollyhocks have taken over the universe.  But since they are in full bloom, I cannot bring myself to declare war on them.

The lettuce could feed an army.   The cilantro, did indeed, bolt. I told Dave it could not be trusted.  But alas.  I am home to whip him back into compliance (the cilantro plant, not Dave)!

The purple petunias – well, they were all crowded and fully-bloomed waiting to welcome me home and are quite lovely, thank-you very much.

Dave put in the first 1/3 of a long meandering sidewalk which shall stretch from the back patio around to the back garage door then around the garage to the front yard to meet the south area of the drive.

Plus, the K’s have been in St. Louis all week and we are babysitting Tuppy-the-Puppy.  Everywhere I go I am in  a sea of doggie feet (because if Tuppy is going to go with me, Sandy is too!).  Picture Pigpen, the kid who moved in a cloud of dirt and dust in the Peanuts comic strip.  That is me with these two doglettes!

I am home.  I miss my mom and dad and the sibs. But this is my place in the universe.My mom, my little sister, Tami, my dad and the baby of the family, Danny.

My mom and I laugh so much.  She loves to be silly and torment me and it just cracks me up because she is really the kindest, most loving person in the whole world!

Danny was practicing taking pics with the iPhone and there I was, flanked by beauty and beauty.

 Finally: success!  We are all there.  Danny-the-history-teacher, my strong and commanding dad, my selfless and generous sister, me and my sweet mamala!

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