Up, Up and Away

This week in Gunnison.

Dave is teaching for the county here.  We went really-really-really almost-above-the-timberline high to get here, over Monarch Pass.  Here is a sign Dave saw in the county building:

I am visiting lots of wedding sites and www.marthastewart.com greets me with a countdown each time I log in, which I have to say does not really thrill me.

So, like 75 days now…actually less.  Luckily, though, Ryan and Tredessa are having a small family wedding, so we should be able to pull it off.  I mean I have got all the talent in the world in my fam!

In other wedding news ::

Elise-the-Niece is getting married to Matt in 11 days.

This gorgeous beauty will be at my house, along with little Miss Sawyer by the time we get home.  All the way from hot-hot-hot Texas!

Better bring a sweater, Stef.

Dave and Tara are celebrating their 8th anniversary today.

Love your love, my sweets.  8 very, very good years.

Rocky and Jovan will celebrate their 5th anniversary Friday.

Five beautiful years for two gorgeous lovers!  Congrats, my sweets!


I am catching up on reading and writing and organizing my computer files and photos and downloading video and editing video and getting room service every morning.  From Dave.

And I have suddenly realized I want to start thinking ahead to:

Yes.  It is time.

UPDATE 9/14/11 :: Apparently rain in Denver = snow in elevations over 10,000 feet.  Living in Colorado this long I should know that, yet am here, expecting up to 6″ of snow tonight, in flip-flops and a hoodie.  Hehe.

4 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away

  1. Awe thanks Mom!!! It’s actually on Thursday! Our anniversary that is! But we don’t mind celebrating on Friday as well!!! It’s the week of love in our family!!!!!! Love you mom!!!

  2. It is a good month for love!! Congrats you wonderful people!

    I told Bry the other day, its time to start thinking about Christmas!

    And that sign…TOO FUNNY!!! Do you think they knew what they were doing? hehhehee

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