5 thoughts on “Uncommonly Annoying

  1. Time to curl up with a good book, lots of fluides, long hot baths, lots and lots of pampering (Dave, I’m sure he’s doing it, but are you allowing him to)and REST,REST,REST! ITS A FORCED SABBATH! We and HE want you well.

  2. Bummer! But I second Pearl’s advice – get a book,or two, something warm and cool to drink (you never know which one you will need), lounge on the couch or on the bed and let yourself be pampered. A slug of nyquil or a nice hot toddy to help you sleep and you should feel much better soon.

  3. First: You don’t look like the picture, fortunately!
    Second: Rest is the thing, all of our buddies are right! I’ve told you, now they’ve told you, soon, God will tell you!
    I love you honey…

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