Um. Yeah. You seem very sincere.

Akismet has saved this blog from getting 74,000+ spam comments which run the gamut from vile to ridiculous.  Most are either perverted or hawking pharmeceuticals.

But this new tactic, for these crawling-robot spam-leavers, is to write very sweet words, very encouraging messages about some post or another.  You are supposed to believe that a person has actually read and commented and is not just trying to drop their sales-link in to my blog comments where some unsuspecting reader can be roped in.  Cannot be very effective marketing, can it?

But I wasn’t born yesterday.  I don’t believe for a second that hearing, “Your opinion on this topic was the best I have ever heard” was really meant for me and my blog when it came in the post “Cake Buns,” which was just about the baby shower cake and had lots of pictures.  No, that didn’t seem quite real.

One “crawler actually said: “We was actually happy with your website. We only submitted this internet site to Digg.  You write good, but need more pictures.”  Ha!  More pictures?  Good googa-moogas.  WHERE would I put them???


Or when I get one for the post, “Heaven Fest 2010 is on Longmont, Colorado  ” which is talking about, yes, Heaven Fest (, and the “commenter” says, “Well said! If I could write like this I would be well pleased. The more I see articles of such quality as this (which is rare), the more I think there might be a future for the Net. Keep it up, as it were,” frankly I have to be suspicious.  That was not good writing.  Just relief. on my part about permitting  Also, his website, attached to the comment, was a vile one…so I doubt he is rejoicing with us over this victory.  Although I did appreciate that my talent alone might mean there is a future for the “‘net!” Ha!

But today actually made me laugh.  Out loud.

“Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.  I read countering arguments and I was on their side and now I read your opinion article and I am leaning your way, but am going to do some study and make my decision.  But I will  bookmark your sight for your writing and leaning.”

That spam-comment was for the post “You may quote me on this.”  Left by a Viagra-hawker.  I don’t think he really read that “article” and if he has to think about how to choose “sides” on it, he is not thinking with his brain.  At all.  May wanna back it up on those drugs, buddy.

2 thoughts on “Um. Yeah. You seem very sincere.

    1. Oh, yes, Mary. YOU get it! That is the other thing: bad English and poor grammar and it was hard for me to leave that in…and I didn’t use the really bad ones. Funny!

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