Um, no – that was not fun.

If ever I am on Wheel of Fortune and the wheel does me wrong and I don’t win any money, it doesn’t matter how glad I will have been to have met Pat and Vanna, when Pat comes to console me and award me with the $1000 loser’s fee and says, “I hope you had a good time anyway,”  the answer will be

“NO!  I did not and I insist on a second chance!”

Every contestant tries to show Pat they are just as happy to have come and lost as they’d have been winning, as if he is going to like them better or something.

Geesh.  I am there for the cool million.  Not to be Pat’s best friend.  Though I am certain f we ever meet, we probably will totally hit it off because I think he is the funniest man in the world.  He would like that.

But I will still insist on a re-do!

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