Two Years on the Toilet

During awful bouts of flu, I have heard people sau they couldn't get out of the bathroom, but this lady lady literally could not or would not.  This woman from Kansas apparently stayed on the toilet so long (for TWO YEARS!), her skin grew stuck to the seat.  Her boyfriend would bring her food and water each day and ask her to come out, but she would decline.

Her neighbor said he wasn't surprised.  Wasn't surprised?!?  What the heck kind of stuff are they used to in Kansas?  Geez.

5 thoughts on “Two Years on the Toilet

  1. This looks like one of my posts. I've felt like I spent that much time on the  porceline altar but that has got to be some kind of record. Cal the Guinness people!!

  2. Yes-she shall surely show up in the Guiness book, but here is what I want from them: I would like the record listed and then some sort of measurement on how sane (or not) the winner is.  I mean, it is one thing for a normal person to set a record, but if they are mental-not as impressive.

  3. I think the boyfriend really needs to log onto Was it one of those Tim-The-Toolman-Taylor bathrooms, with the TV and stereo and bar and snack machine in it? How did he stay a boyfriend? I'm not a prude about things and we've been married for almost 27 years now, but to my knowledge, I've never brought Jeanie, Pasta Primavera in the little girl's room… God willing, I'll never have to. It brings the phrase, Home Away From Home, into a whole new light!

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