Top Ten Election Predictions

I ripped this off from a currently-circulating e-mail forward (20%) and added my own (80%).  I am grateful to have my legal citizenship in this great country.  I thank God that I live in a place where I enjoy the right and the privilege of voting, but this world is not my home.  I am part of the Kingdom of God and am really just an alien passing through.  :)  Each presidential election seems to increase fear in our hearts, on both sides of the political fence, but I am hanging on for that “peace that passes understanding.”

Top Ten Truths No Matter WHO Wins this Election:

10.  God is FOR us.  (If God is for me, who can be against me?)

9.  Jesus LOVES me, this I know. (This may be the simplest and most amazing truth ever)

8.  The Holy Spirit will continue to LEAD, GUIDE, and DIRECT our lives.

7.  God is thinking about us and has good plans for our lives (Jer. 29.11).

6.  When I call on the Lord, He will hear me and answer me – telling me the things I need to know (Jer. 33.3).

5.  The heart of the king (and the president) is in God’s hands and God can turn it whichever way He desires  (Prov. 21.1).

4.  This generation will declare the mighty works of the Lord to the next and there will be no end to the increase of HIS Kingdom and HIS government (Psalm 71.18, Isaiah 9.7)!

3.  I will praise Him.   The reason I live is to worship Him. (These are words from my two “life songs.”  This is my commitment, my declaration – He IS the theme of my song, wherever I may lodge, whoever is president.  Psalm 119)

2.  The Word of God will STILL be true.

And the #1 thing that will still be true regardless of how this election turns out?

God will remain faithful.  Because He is.

Stay in peace, my friends, for He is with us always…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Pray for the nation.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Election Predictions

  1. Daniel 2:21 says that the Lord “sets up kings and deposes them.” Daniel was resolved (Daniel 1:8) to not defile himself in a Babylonian culture that fostered the most of worldly living. Whatever may come in this election, the solid truth is, as you said, God is faithful. And…he is the author of the beginning and the end, He is the First and Last, and not one event is happening without His purpose being fulfilled. Although I feel strongly that we should all vote with our “Word” filled mind and not our worldly mind, I am confident that come what may, God’s plan is first. Thankfully, all of us in Christ do not have to worry about one man, the President, solving our problems. Now that would be scary!

  2. My current pastor reminds us every election that we elect a president, not a savior. That position has been filled.

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