To the Magi

Prose I ripped from a magazine in the mid-80s and still consider each year, by Cynthia Macdonald 


"What full-born hope-star within your hearts

Made you step out

To seek the One who had not yet

Revealed Himself in straw and hay and human love?

What encounter half-imagined spurred your starlit trip,

Enabled you to risk the Herod-hell of fear and hate?

Did you ever dream

A Child-God-King would change your path forever

And make you take a different way home?"

Counting down to Christmas…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Lord, You said if any lack wisdom, we have only to ask to receive it.  Am I capable of the wisdom of the Magi?  Dare I ask?

1 thought on “To the Magi

  1. That is so cool! Her style of prose reminds me of Eugene Peterson's The Message, a paraphrase I'd like to plug for anyone who wants a fresh view on scripture they've read many times before.  I especially like the ending, about taking "another way home." It's true, huh? Encountering Jesus is life-altering.

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