Tiny Dancer

Amelie Belle is three years, 3 months and almost 3 weeks old.  And she is a little worshipping, praise-dancer.  I love how she loves this little purple and peach, pleated dress because when it goes on, the joy-dancing starts!

This is a video of her at the big Dare2Share Conference in Lakewood this week while her daddy was leading some late-night worship. The room is big and dark, but the skirt is unmistakably neon!  :)

Hey, btw – Amelie’s Auntie Stormie is rocking it on the bass!

This is a daylight look at the dress (she had gone to bed with wet hair and her cousin and sister fixed her up in ponies and flowers in the morning) at our house 2 days ago.  As Amelie often says: see??? This dress personifies the colorful, energetic, playful, happy, ornery, sugar and spice, super-sweetie-pie, girly-girl little Amelie is at this exact moment in her life.

I love the dress.  I adore the darling Amelie Belle!

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