Three Coins in a Fountain

It’s settled.  My next vacation is going to be in Rome.  I will stay in the Villa Eden and it will be 1954.  So, time travel will be involved as well.

And I shall need full use of Anita’s kelly-green dress and the yellow polka-dotted dress with the orange bolero.

The dashing man:  Now I shall see you again?

The American girl:   I don’t know.  You see I’m rather afraid of you.

The dashing man:  Afraid?  Of me?

The American girl:  Well not because of your reputation.  You see, I’ve discovered you have an exciting mind, something that handsome men rarely have.  And the uh – combination –  might be too much for some one as responsive as I am.

Think he fell for that?  You betcha!

Netflix Instant Queue is just such a wondrous thing.

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