Thought-Collage Thursday // Futuristic

It’s tedious, sometimes…

  • Tying tiny bits of acrylic twine on posts, these insignificant sinews which will give strength to young tomato plants…
  • Pulling purslane seedlings which seem to be reproducing at a Trouble-with-Tribbles* rate in the rich soil of my square foot garden (they are edible, should you find yourself lost in Colorado in the future)…
  • Tending and coaxing grass to grow  where I want it to be {in this semi-arid region}, then pulling and prying the obstinate stuff from where it most certainly does not belong…

But I push through the mundane. I keep going anyway, because I get fresh air and physically taxed and those things are good for me. But the real reason, the raison d’être is that there is a hope and a future and tomatoes, for crying out loud. People-you KNOW I love tomatoes – it’s going to happen! I’m working it now, doing menial tasks regularly because I know something wonderful is out there ahead of me!


The radishes are plentiful right now, 3 varieties

*The Trouble with Tribbles was an episode of Star Trek back in the 1960s. I am not, nor have I ever been a Trekker or Trekkie or a closet Gene Roddenberry fan. But I may or may not be married to one and I may or may not have seen this episode a few times. I really did like how Uhura rocked those futuristic mini-skirts, though and I am wondering, now that we are actually here, in the future, where is my Star Trek dress?

I am reading poetry. To myself. Aloud.

Is that the weirdest thing you have ever heard? It is pretty weird. But it makes me think. I have to decipher and climb into the words and wrap myself in phrases to try to really understand. Poets astonish me, really.


So, I am reading Wendell Berry and I feel like, concerning writing about growing things and the garden and nature, I should probably just shut up. He. is. amazing. I just shake my head and go speechless.

A Timbered Choir

Of poets…

amy jo Becker haiku 90-degrees

Amy Jo, one of my besties, is doing a Haiku series lately with photos of her daughters and they make me laugh. She is a creative, through and through. What treasure these girls will have for their whole lives: everyday life and walks and playtime recorded with warmth and humor by their mommy.

haiku amy jo becker impasse

haiku amy jo becker escalator

My mom and my firstborn


Two beauty queens

Three of my grand-girlies

amelie belle, guini and averi

I mean – I know I am their Nonna and all that, but how cute and super-sweet are these little women? Taking after their mommas.  :)

The Belle

amelie in her neon skirt

Shivering and wrapped tightly in a blanket following an evening swim in the pool, to her Auntie Steph’s inquiry of how-are-you-doing-Amelie? “Not – great,” came the sage, life-worn 4-year-year-old reply. She woos us with her perspective and wry delivery.  And her neon. :)

#tbt #Throwback Thursday

The hallway of black and whites, the people and faces from which Dave and I came.


I love good memories. I lost a lot of my memories once, important ones. And with them some perspective. But maybe I lost some that were too weighty, anyway. And I may be better for it. Not sure. I don’t remember. ;)

But I was thinking of starting #tff, or #Think-Forward Friday. Because we shouldn’t wait until New Years to be thinking about what we want to change or do better or accomplish or be. Making a really wonderful memory, one that will be worth using in a #tbt post might take some forethought. Maybe it’s a good idea to actively make memories you’ll eventually want to keep, but to spend more time really making them than just keeping them?

“I’ve been thinking I’ll follow love’s lead and find some capers worth doing, ones so saturated with whimsy they have to be wrung out like a wet towel to be understood fully. I think I’ll also have a dinghy that I tie to the back of my imaginary boat. I was toying with naming it The End. But I think I’ll name it Get In instead, because I used to think I needed to record stories, but now I think I just need to engage them.” ~Bob Goff, Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World

Fearless for the future


 The question, via Twitter

max lucado twitter


Let grace happen? Could change everything.

Happy Thursday, friends and familia.

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  1. Love reading your words first thing in the morning. Wise woman, you are. “Maybe it’s a good idea to actively make memories you’ll eventually want to keep, but to spend more time really making them than just keeping them?” Yes.

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