Those little tricksters

Every year.  It is the same.  They come around with their little boxes of temptation.  When there is no cash in the house you can breathe a tentative sigh of relief…at least that time.  But they’ll try again.  And again.

A knock at the door.  O-no thanks, we don’t really need any.  But o my aren’t you just so cute and it is so cold out there and you are learning to be a good and caring citizen and can probably win a reward if we buy some and…O – wait!  Are those Thin Mints??? BAM!  They get us again.

Can’t resist the Thin Mints.

Those Girl Scouts, I’ll tell ya.

2 thoughts on “Those little tricksters

  1. Thank goodness I have never had a girl scout come to my door. I’d probably buy up all the boxes of thin mints and…!

  2. I’m pretty sure the Girl Scouts are evil. Especially the ones with Thin Mints… that I can NOT say no to… that must be frozen… and then eaten… an entire, plastic-wrapped, roll of scrumptiousness at a time (maybe even two)… evil, I tell you. Right up there with the makers of Christmas Nougat.

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