No, not THAT kind of thong – I am talking about the the old-fashioned kind – the flat, very open and backless rubber sandal held onto the foot by a loose y-shaped aparatus that goes between your first two toes.   Now they call them flip flops, but when I was a little girl, they were “thongs.”

I just bought 2 pairs at Target for $2.99 each.  

And as I slipped a pair on to do some gardening the other day, I realized that the design has not changed  one iota  , except for the name change, since I was 4, because the first shoes I remember owning, the very first pair I can recall putting on and looking at admiringly after my mom purchased them for 47-cents at the five-and-dime, were little red thongs.   The dye wasn’t like now, though, so the color was muted,  like all polaroid photos from the early 60s are.   And I wore the life right out of those things, a humble pair of cheap thongs.

Of all the shoes I’ve  owned and those yet to come, will any ever be so sweet?   Maybe.   I am pretty fond of my Danskos now.

Remembering where the shoe love-affair began…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: find a pair of muted red, buy

NOTE TO THE CONCERNED:   Fear not, I only call them flip-flops now.

pictured: a google image…I wouldn’t allow Dave to wear those

2 thoughts on “Thongs

  1. Jeanie,
    I remember my first pair of “THONGS” too! They were pink and the piece between the toes wore a blister right away, but once it healed I wore them everywhere. Now I need a pair for an upcoming trip to Hawaii (AKA The Promised Land)but what keeps me from getting a pair is the thought of that blister between the toes…
    And incidentally I could not convince your B-I-L to go with.
    Much love,

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