The True Test of Love

Just a friendly reminder:

If your friend {neighbor, relative, co-worker, acquaintance, lover, brother or siser-in-Christ} gave you some of the little emerald jewels as seen on the left {baby zucchini, succulent and moist, tender and appetizing}, they love you, no question.  You don’t have to worry about whether they are truly devoted to you.  They are!

If they gave you something resembling a baseball bat like the one on the right, you MUST figure out what you did to offend them and why they would give you something that would have to be prepared/hammered/shredded/chopped into submission to be fit for even a Kansas-church-casserole dish.

Drop everything, now, before it is too late.

Go to your friend {or neighbor, relative, co-worker, acquaintance, lover, brother or siser-in-Christ}.  Seriously – leave your gift (of the gigantic zucchini) and go quickly and be reconciled with the giver and find out why you have been the recipient of this huge, tough, monstrosity.  Make things right.

For further information, CLICK HERE.

NOTE:  I picked a basketful of babies on Friday morning before heading to Longmont for the weekend.  I was shocked to find another basketful this morning upon my return, including several giants.  Tsk.  They were plotting against me.

3 thoughts on “The True Test of Love

  1. That is tooooo funny!!! I couldn’t stop laughing! I have recieved such a zucchine….I guess I took it alone with a few small beauties to be nice. You’re too funny Jeanie!

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