The Tomato

How can I communicate the taste, the essence of the tomato?


The tomato, ripened as God intended on the vine, is more complex and flavorful than almost any other.   With the slightest sprinking of salt on a freshly thick-cut slice, the exploding, tingling zest of life is captured on your tongue, the tangy bite melting into a powerful, full taste of the summer season.    The suggestion of  blazing  days of sun and long, warm nights are all contained in the deep red, seeded fruit.    Tart and sweet at the same time, the tomato is the iconic garden fruit, which when ripened, is  the vegetable to which all others must defer.  

Pick maybe just before you actually think it is ripe, maybe the day before you’ll eat it.   Never, ever refrigerate.   Always slice at room temperature for peak intensity, flavor.

Then try to figure out: what on earth does a tomato taste like?   For I – am at a loss for words.

I love the home-grown, organic tomato and believe it should be wholeheartedly celebrated…Jeanie

NOTE:   Oh yes, I have written about the tomato before, here and here and here.

pictured: google image, but one of the best ways to enjoy garden fresh tomatoes.   Slice, top with fresh chunks of mazarella and chopped basil, drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil and sweet balsamic vinegar.

7 thoughts on “The Tomato

  1. I KNEW you’d be the first to comment, my friend, Bryan. Wish I could’ve have found some one to make a bet with. I could have used the money, but it was probably just too much of a sure thing!

  2. I had BLTTT’s (triple the tomato) for lunch. Only I am using tomatoes from other’s gardens because my garden is pathetic. I keep hoping with lots of caring that maybe there is still a chance that I will have fruit.

    I can’t help but make this comment which just popped in my head…is my Christian “fruit” a bit like my garden fruit right now….a little stagnant but able to grow and be delicious with some nurturing?

  3. Yes, Robin-it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE not to get spiritual significance out of gardening (Thus “Grace from the Garden”-my book just waiting to be written). Truly! I’d say of your tomatoes, they are at work where you cannot see. One month from now, you may be surprised at what they are doing, but what shows up in plain view took much time in the deep, dark soil to produce heavily. Like us.

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