The Office, A Summer Fix

You can watch mini “webisodes” of The Office at this site:

It is pretty much just an episode that never aired cut up into tiny chunks, but they are ever-so-welcome morsels of fun for this dry, Office-less summer!   These characters are my people.   I believe I have worked with every one of them.

Last week Tristan posted this youtube of Gavin (4) and Guini (2) re-enacting the scene of Jim and Dwight and the Altoid/Pavlov’s Dog Experiment.  

In the actual The Office episode, Jim and Dwight are shown working at their desks when Jim’s computer makes that “bell-sound” and Jim says, “Oh, I have to re-boot, again.   Hey Dwight – do you want an Altoid?”

Dwight snears at Jim, “What do you think?”   And reaches for the mint.

Then they shoot Jim in the conference room explaining, “In school, we learned about this scientist who trained dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell by feeding them whenever the bell rang.   So, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been conducting a similiar  experiment.”

They cut back to the co-workers at their desk and the little computer bell going off and Jim asking, “Dwight-want an Altoid?”   Dwight says, “OK.”   This happens several times until finally,  the little bell sound happens  and Dwight automatically reaches out his hand.

Jim asks, “What are you doing?”

Dwight, looking confused: “I, I don’t know.   Oh, my mouth tastes so bad all of the sudden…”

Jim looks at the camera, satisfied his experiment has worked.

Guini is “Dwight,” her hair parted just like his, but she couldn’t manage being rude to Jim, played by Gav.   Everytime he’d give her an “Altoid,” she’d say “thank-you” very brightly.   So-here is Gav and Gunin’s take, as taped by their father  for their mommy’s birthday.  


5 thoughts on “The Office, A Summer Fix

  1. I am pretty sure your family is the most creative family I know. That was just too cute and I don’t even watch the office.

  2. Yes, even our grandkids are inundated with The Office (even though they are not allowed to watch it). This was such a creative way to celebrate…
    I love it!

  3. I loved this!!!!! They both did such an awesome job – not to mention the filming and editing of the clip;o)

    Maybe there should be a series??

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