The Many Faces of Hunter

Ellie’s Birthday Present for Tara

Hunter does wear his very expressive, brain-train of thoughts quite vividly through his facial features!  Ellie,, captured it well!  The images are printed on metal and it is very cool.  I may steal it.

I asked Hunter, “So last week Ellie took these pictures of you without your mom knowing it and you kept it a secret all this time?” 

“I’m a rule-keeper,” he shrugged.

And it is true.  The Little Prince is nothing if not a black-and-white, serious, compelling argue-ist, and truth-telling rule-keeper.  But he will lobby almost endlessly for changes to said rules if he takes the notion.

Dave said of him:

Yes, that’s him.  Little, blonde, 6, going on 30.

2 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Hunter

  1. I know this post is about Hunter but I can’t help staring at Tara. She is just so darn pretty!

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