The Last Hurrah

Sweet tomatoes.  Sweet, sweet garden tomatoes.

The last of the red-hot lovers.  These are it.  My final tomatoes from the summer garden.  Oh, yes, there are a few plums I brought in green during that last snow and they are ripening like their store-bought cousins (in-bred, very distant cousins, at that), but these are the last I salvaged from plentiful vines as they succumbed to the ravages of cold nights and early snowstorms.  And on the days following like we have been having, there is no reason the Thanksgiving table couldn’t have had platters of this most treasured delight.

But like all of life, the unexpected happens and so here we are – cherishing all the more deeply the deliciousness we are able to enjoy.

This is lunch.

Not quite as red as the late summer tomato, but o-so-pleasant to eat.  Nice think slices of total juiciness, paired with extra-virgin-olive-oil and garlic marinated fresh mozzarella and sprinkled with sea salt.  The senses piqued, the tongue satisfied.  The heart knows: I will do this again.

The garden catalogs will begin arriving at the New Year….

Dining at its finest.

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