The kiddos are born with God-given creativity and imagination! is such a visual paradise that a good cup of coffee early on a Sunday morning and some Houzz time can just take me away.  But I really love it when the images are accompanied by really good writing, which to me means, fresh/new ideas, or ideas and thoughts that are tried and true but are being presented in a cool, updated way or that make me feel like yeah-I knew it!  I especially love writers who tug at the heart-strings {*sniffle}, but make you laugh at the same time.  I have a short list of fav writers there, but Alison Hodgson is my FAV ever!!!

Yes, it turns out a Home-Design-Decorating-and-Remodeling site can also be a place for great articles and wonderful writers.  Really.  Go there:  Search for anything written by Alison Hodgeson and you will know I have read it and loved it.  She writes a lot about our homes and how they reflect what really matters in them.  Her stuff comes from actual experience in losing “everything,” but finding out why what really mattered wasn’t actually lost.  I refuse to spoil this for you.  Go.  Read!

This article today: TRUE!  Wise.  Inspiring.  Took me back to  when my kids were young and you’d find them making up whole scenarios with the simplest “props.”  Heck, it took me back to when I was a kid: forming our very own Drake Relays and homemade winner’s ribbons, or the backyard circus with dogs who refused to jump through our “flaming spheres,” aka hula hoops…ah, good times.

LOVED this article.  AGREE with what she is saying.  HOPE you will enjoy it and know that an unplanned day might just become one of the most memorable in your kiddos’ lives.  Maybe.  The day is so full of possible!

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