The Girls

Guini will be 2 in a few days.  Gemma is almost 2 months.  We started with 2 rough-and-tumble grandsons and now we get to enjoy the "girly" thing.  Guini thinks she is "running with the boys" as she chases after them with her hands up near her shoulders, flopping daintily as she takes the tiniest strides in her summer sandals.


Granddaughters are wonderful, amen?…Jeanie

0 thoughts on “The Girls

  1. AMEN! Well…not granddaughters for me…but the sweetest little nieces EVER! I absolutely adore those girls:)

  2. Little girls are so wonderful.  Enjoy every moment, because they grow up to fast.  Our "little" girl is now 16, so now I guess we wait for great, granddaughters.

  3. Ahh grandaughters, you love em and then …you love em. (and grandsons too) There is nothing like that little Guini voice saying: "Papa". Unless it is Hunter's voice saying: "Papa" or Gavin's voice saying "Dra Draw" or Gemma's smile and coo. Don't even get me started on these little ones or we will be in for a gusher! Grandkids are really a "do over"… me

  4. Love your granddaughters!  So adorable.  I'm taking lessons from you for grandmothering for when it's my turn (plenty of time, Kelly girls, plenty of time – I'm just preparing!)

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