The Gift that came from Love

“God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son…whoever believes may have everlasting life!” (John 3:16).

That “greatest fact” is worth receiving as a reminder that Christmas’ celebration never need be argued against because “it costs so much.” Decorating and celebrating—giving and receiving gifts at this season—are not unworthy practices (as though “spending” at Christmas was merely “commercial”).

It’s not so, loved one. Never let yourself become snared in that cynical trap! Christmas has always been costly—from the very beginning, in fact. It cost Heaven everything!

Bethlehem‘s barnyard cradle wasn’t the only sacrifice. It was simply the original packaging for the treasure that Heaven’s heart was giving us. The Cross was the real price of Christmas, for it was wrapped in the Gift from the start—a Gift that was marvelously and mysteriously provided for and pre-paid from before all time! (1 Peter 1:20; Revelation 13:8).

So it was, the Christmas Child came to us. And in light of appropriately evaluating that costly gift, everything in me wants to answer a call I hear the Spirit whispering this season. He’s summoning me—can you hear Him too? He’s calling us to “spend big” this season—to do so in a dynamic and holy way…in the light of Heaven’s gift of the Child.

Join me in “spending” whatever needs to be “laid out or laid down” for God to find in me another “child of Christmas.” I want the willingness of His only begotten Son—a willing readiness to go, to love, to serve, to give, and to care for human need and brokenness—to be replicated in me. –Jack Hayford

Jack so gets it, doesn’t he?

4 thoughts on “The Gift that came from Love

  1. Love it Jeanie! Yes! I want nothing more than Him. His Joy, His love, grace, mercy, kindnesses, forgiveness, JOY! To be filled in me & spilled out to others. Take whatever hinders this process, Abba! It’s yours. I only want to share You!!

    Merry Christmas, friend!

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