The Baby Reveal!

Ryan and Tredessa are 20 1/2 weeks along now, more than halfway there.

They revealed the gender of my grandbebe-to-be (due date December 15!) at a little family picnic in Estes Park last Saturday.

Factor these things into the equation:: 

The Faalands are boys-all-boys.  Ryan was 1 of 4 brothers and so far 2 grandsons on his side.

Tredessa was 1 of 4 sisters and 1 brother, who have thus far produced 5 granddaughters and 3 grandsons.


We all submitted our guesses and I wanted-wanted-wanted a girl for them because the Faalands need some girls.  Tredessa and Stormie can even out that boy count for us later, but I guessed a girl.

Was I right???  {{watch here}}


northern girl

Girl.  :)

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