The amen.


The yes.

The so-be-it.

The it-is-done, it is finished.

The yeah-you-got-that-right.

The yes.  I totally agree.

The AMEN and AMEN.  Finality.  Settled.

Growing up as a Pentecostal preacher’s daughter, I was accustomed to some strong preaching that invited lots of “Amens” from the congregation.  Pastors pretty much judged their sermons by them.  On a “good” Sunday, they were pleased with the number of amens.

From the earliest age, though, I recall cringing when something particularly direct would come from the preacher and a certain member or two would piously and quite decidedly say “Amen” like: I hope the rest of you heard that and know how true it is for you.  I never cared for those amens.

But I always loved the ones that sealed the great promises of God with the kiss of hope.  Like:

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen.  Romans 16.24

That is a beautiful amen.

Sadly, though, I have come to know that we can still  set a finality of judgement or condemnation with invisible amens on each other.  Sometimes knowingly, maybe most times not.

The amen that shouldn’t be.

I wonder, what have my actions and my words or my attitude or opinions just “amened” in your life?

Did I amen God’s plan for you?  Did I amen and agree on the deep dreams of your heart, the hopes in the very core of your being?  Did I say yes to what you only dare to believe is God’s opinion on you?

Or did I amen the enemy assignment on your life, the one that rips your heart and places itself against what you born for?  Did I amen the weak places, the accusations whispered in your ear, the lies you have believed about yourself or the weapons formed against you that keep you bound and tied up?

Did I just amen condemnation, doubt, guilt and accusation in you?  Did I just trample the will of God toward you, a sure abuse and misuse of His Word?

“…whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 18

Some Many amens should be retracted.  Quickly.  Amen?

1 thought on “The amen.

  1. Yes Amen to the Amens.
    I don’t know why people feel that it’s their right or duty to stamp approve the enemy’s assignment against us. Can’t we place on hold our opinions? The Bible is quite clear about blessing instead of cursing. Where we got the idea it’s our right if not duty to “police” the Body of Christ I do not know.

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