The 12th Day of Christmas, aka EPIPHANY!

At the risk of being totally seasonally irrelevant, I shall yet be posting pictures and videos of Christmas.  I just will, so brace yourselves.

Though everyone rushes to do away with Christmas, today is really, the final day of Christian-tradition Christmas.  And each year I tell Dave he and I need to enjoy the observance longer by gifting each other one gift daily through Epiphany.

Because, you know how everything seems a blur and you have no superfluous time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to really reflect and prepare Him room and distribute joy to the world and hearken to hear the angel voices and all that?  Well, good grief then.  Let the 12 days of Christmas (beginning on Christmas day) be a time for it, people.

What is missed, I wonder, as we rush to set our goals, barrel into getting back to *our* lives, formulate strategies and resolutions and obliterate every symbol of the Christmas season as fast as we can?  Did we get all we could have from the season?  What if, as the song admonishes, we’d set aside time to receive the gifts of Christmas from our True Love?  Christmas Day is just the first day, ya know?

the 12 days of christmas

Today, January 6th, is a Christian Feast day (read: holiday/holy day) celebrating the manifestation/striking appearance of Jesus (God the Son) come to earth as a human being.  And the Magi showing up to worship Him.

We’ve all already moved on the Valentine’s Day and Easter on Pinterest, haven’t we? Tsk.

Somebody-please groom that dog!

3 thoughts on “The 12th Day of Christmas, aka EPIPHANY!

  1. I have a dog that looks exactly like this dog!!! I know my dog is a mixed breed and have always wondered what she was….
    I was Googling “grief saying at Christmas” and found the picture. I am so shocked and amazed, as I ask WHY did I lose my 35 yr. old daughter on July 6, 2013?

    My dog is very special to me since her passing and I am unbelievably shocked I would find a dog that looks exactly like my dog that is saying “Why” ??

    Please write me back, tell me where you’re from because I think this might be a brother or sister to MY dog. I understood my dog was originally from Des Moines, Iowa. Any chance that is where you are from?

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