Teachers You’d be Lucky to Have

If a person is lucky, they’ll have a teacher or two along the way who will see them in the crowd and call something out in them. 

If a person is lucky they’ll have a Mrs. Weiland for 2nd grade, young and pretty and very upbeat.  Mrs. Weiland will say “You’re so artistic.  You draw so well!  Maybe someday you’ll be an artist!”  And you will live your life believing you have an artistic flair.

If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll have a good Sunday School teacher like Johnny Coyne who will tell you as a young teen student that the fact that you love Language Arts is probably an indicator of how God might use your life.  Maybe you  have never considered that God even really had a great plan for you, but it will intrigue you to hear it.  Yes, Johnny Coyne would be a blessing to have as a Sunday School teacher.

If a person is really lucky, they’ll end up in college with a creative writing teacher like Mr. McCullough.  Try as that student might to hide behind her pencil after an assignment, he might see through the ruse and require her to share her work aloud.  Then he’ll commission that student to write the enire program for the Mr & Miss Northwest Gala.  She’ll  agonize over it nervously, but will be able to pull it off because Mr. McCullough believed she was able.  And so she was. 


If a person is lucky, there will have been a teacher who saw past the obvious and called out the very best in you.  I hope every child will experience having such a teacher.  I hope every adult will be one, on purpose.

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