Tara’s song

Tara may or may not have remembered to tell us (she did not) that Megan Isaacson recorded her song, “Broken,” last year (may be purchased on Amazon here) and now CNBC has asked Tara’s permission to use some of it on a story they are doing.


It is an amazing song.  I totally remember when she came in and just sang it in my family room (September 2009), no instruments – it was heaven coming to earth in the purest prayer ~ a really honest and good prayer of surrender.

Stephanie has sung it live, Rocky has, Tara and Rocky have sung it, Tara and Dave, a bunch of different worship leaders have used it.  But I didn’t know it had ever, finally gotten recorded (yeah, Megan Isaacson!).  Still waiting on Tara and Dave to record it, too!

My daughter, Tara, the songwriter.  :)

5 thoughts on “Tara’s song

  1. Very cool…

    You’ll let us know how to see the story? Over the web if possible as we got rid of our cable/satellite.

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