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Happy Birthday, Zach!

zachs-bday-and-stuff-007 zachs-bday-and-stuff-009 

Our nephew Zach turns 19 today!  He is my brother Tim’s oldest son.  He is pictured below with his younger brothers Seth and Caleb.  Tim and his wife Julie have turned out some awesome boys (BTW: loving the St. Louis Cardinals is a Moslander-family rule)!



Zach is living with us while he works and is doing a ministry internship (worship arts) at Northern Hills.  We feel honored to have him here, are so glad for the opprotunity to bless the young man of God as he prepares himself for what lies ahead.

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We got together last night to celebrate his birthday and teased the stuffing out of him for the Wii Fitness Age of 71 that he got (which had to be bogus, because he really is quite athletic and agile)!  Tara replaced a few of the candles with the kind that you can’t blow out and even though he kind of knew it, he good-naturedly kept blowing on them – creating a major smoke cloud over the kitchen and making my grandbebes laugh with glee.

Happy Birthday, Zach-a-ronis.  We are so blessed to have you here, to get this time together.  You are kind of like the little brother Rocky never had and I am so glad you guys are getting this time.  Thanks for sharing your life and time with us and being such an awesome example of the believer, even at this very young age.  I know God has great things in store for you and one day we’ll say, “We knew him when…”

Much Love…Aunt Jeanie for all

NOTE TO SELF:  Cook more for Zach so he doesn’t starve to death under my care.

pictured – the 3-layer chocolate pudding cake (very dense and moist) with chocolate fudge icing; I used the extra batter to make a couple dozen mini-cupcakes, some iced in confetti icing, some in the extra chocolate fidge;  then with the “extra” cake removed from the layers, I made “cake bites” by crumbling the cake, putting the extra icing in, added some slightly sweetened cream cheese, rolled into balls, then coated in melted white chocolate chips.  Used every single bit of cake!  Zach’s Wii screen.  Zach and the candles that wouldn’t die.