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Song for a Sunday // Your Grace Finds Me

It is not only Sunday, but also the birthday of the only boy I ever had (until the reward of Tristan, Dave and Ryan), but his birthday blog will com later.

Meanwhile, this is a song I shared with the birthday boy, Rocky, and his wife Jovan the other day.  It has been a challenging couple of weeks for them, with three young daughters and flooded out of their house.  They are worn out from everything you have to do to make your house livable again.

This song has amazing words and is full of hope and promise.  It basically reminds us that no matter where we are, the GRACE of God (that empowering Presence of the Holy Spirit that enables us to be everything He called us to be and do everything He created us to do) will come and find us again and again.

…there in the sorrow and the dancing, Your great grace, Oh such grace…

How do we know this is true?  Well, for Rocky and Jovan and any of us in situations beyond our control and overwhelming to say the least: we recall His goodness through the years, His faithfulness.  In every good thing and bad, in the birth of our children, at  our weddings, when loved ones have died, when we are rich or when we have been poor – always, every. single. time – His GRACE has found us, has come to us, has filled our lives with His great hope and joy.  It all just proves the old hymn true, His grace is AMAZING!

From the creation to the cross, There from the cross into eternity Your grace finds me, yes, Your grace finds me

The fist video is Matt Redman leading the song live.  The second is his intro about how and why he wrote it.  Watch that and you’ll want to go back and worship along again with the live vid.  :)  Pretty simple song, you’ll be singing along after the first few lines.  Listen for the strains of “Amazing Grace,” too.

So I’m breathing in Your grace and breathing out Your praise…

You are not lost enough that His grace cannot find you.  I know this for a fact.

CLICK HERE to watch the video with the words and the guitar chords