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A Thankful Tree, the Flu, a Light Snow and a “Blogoversary”



Can I just say the sooner the leftovers are gone, the better (except for Stormie’s pumpkin pies)?  But all delish.

We did a “thankful” tree on Thanksgiving, everyone filling out little “leaves” and hanging them with things for which we are grateful written.

Thumbnails (click for larger image):

  • The Thankful Tree
  • Wrex, whose medium was colored pencils, wanted his art on the “family art wall.”  The picture was drawn by Amy Jo Becker and includes the lyrics to a little turkey ditty (Five Fat Turkeys are We) to the tune of a song from The Mikado.
  • Turkey-bread by Stefane (who, as a devoted Texan, also introduced us to “Armadillo Eggs”-which are fabulous!)
  • Fake Thanksgiving-food cupcakes by Tredessa and Stormie for Jovan, who does not like one thing  – not one  Thanksgiving-related food (not turkey, not dressing, not mashed potatoes, nor gravy…not green bean casserole, not cranberries, not even pumpkin pie!)!  So the girls made cupcakes (which she loves) that LOOKED like Thanksgiving food using icing, white chocolate, Starburst candies and melted caramel.

    The Flu.

    In the middle of the night following Thanksgiving, I got hit with a full-on, horrid stomach flu, complete with fever, chills, and wrenching.  I won’t say more.  If it hadn’t been for the entire Kelley family having contracted and suffered through it just before Thanksgiving (Gavin does go to public school now – germ breeding grounds!), I’d have been thinking food poisoning.  But no, just a very untimely stomach bug!  So I spent Friday, while my husband and daughters were all shopping madly, in bed – when I wasn’t running to the bathroom.  Truly a “Black Friday” for me!

    I wish the google image above really did reflect my 3 a.m. view Friday morning!

    Snow at Last.

    At about 11 o’clock last night, we looked outside to see the most beautiful snow.  My nephew Zach from Montana, living with us while he completes a ministerial internship here, had just asked 2 days ago, “Yeah-so when do you guys get snow here?”  I am not a huge fan, but since it has so politely remained largely at bay this year so far, it was a welcome sight.  This morning the grass is almost covered and every branch has a puffy white coating and it is lovely and makes you want to watch Christmas movies and wrap presents.

    This is the snow-on-the-branches view out the back door this morning at 7:15 a.m., just after the bunny rabbit, who’d been looking in at me, hopped away.


    Teena from Toronto left me a “Happy Blogoversary” message this morning and I realized that, yes, it is indeed my “blogoversary.”  How did she know that?

    Two years ago today, I started blogging.  The kids found and bequeathed the image that adorns my blog banner to get me started.  They all said she looks just like me, and I am happy they understand the inner me, for surely that is what they see. 

    To blog was both exhilerating and trepidatious for me.  I was so afraid to hit the “post” button back in those days, fearful of what my words would reveal of me, but also needing a place to tell some truth and speak some words I was struggling to communicate, especially to my children.  I was so cautious and agonized over how much to say, carefully wondering how much I could really tell truthfully, lest my truth hurt some one else.  You can read my very first blog here. (from 11.29.06)

    Now I blather on with both spiritual epiphanies as they come (they are for me, anyway) and the torrid, word-filled minutia of my life (like telling you about my stomach flu, for crying out loud!!).  This is my 398th post and I have 30 drafts in the folder waiting for me to finish off and publish – there is no end in sight, people!  And I always wonder about when I am gone – if my offspring should really ever begin to read this stuff, investigating it as they look for meaning and understanding of their past and their own lives – how really weird will they think I was? 

    It all remains to be seen…from the ever-graphomaniacal Jeanie

    NOTE TO FAMILY:  To all the Rhoadeses in every direction-hope Thanksgiving was warm and wonderful for you.  To the whole Moslander bunch, far and wide, always think of you and miss you on these days. 1991 was our last everyone-together Thanksgiving, and that does not seem right!

    So Thankful

    Redemption…a Savior…my lover and husband, Dave…the five children I carried to birth – watching them become the people God intended…Giving Thanks…the 5 grandchildren who call me Nonna and run into my arms in front of people making me look really good…parents who raised me for God…my siblings and the people they married, the nieces and nephews they share with me…music…The Word of God…gardening…tomatoes….flowers and green, green grass…cold water…thunder and lightening to go to sleep by…the smell of a cleansing rain…a harvest moon…Grateful…my amazing American Down and Feather  pillow…So Blessed…caramel…pumpkin spice lattes…long kisses…foot rubs…something that makes me laugh out loud…really good and loyal friends…the 3rd Thursday women…Thanksgiving Dinner…Charmin triple-ply, extra soft…Ephesians…Gavin’s red hair… Averi’s chunky legs in white tights…Gemma giving the dog orders – and being obeyed!…Guini’s soft hugs and kisses…So Appreciative…Hunter’s m&m toes…hot coffee on cool mornings…for over 300 sunny days a year in Colorado…Dave’s dimples…the comfort of the Lord…the healing of the Lord…being loved by the Lord…having enough to eat…getting to eat with friends and family at the convivial table…the quiet God has provided to write and dream and create…the noisy family dinners…the promises of God…Counting My Blessings…the sidewalk that leads to the world’s nicest neighbors…the strength represented by the mountains…the fact that the mountains help me keep my bearings, direction-wise…the artistic, creative types who color my world…getting to help produce Heaven Fest…getting to invite people in to 24/7 worship in the metro-area…the nearly 100 sunsets I have watched this year-the most in my life-because they have been amazingly beautiful and healing…my summer of love…this year of worship…God is Good…new friends…people that stand by you through thick and thin…re-acquainting with long-time friends…having any friends at all…God is Faithful…a song that ushers in the Presence…a powerful sermon…the ministries I am a part of…new mercies every morning…spiritual daughters and sons…a good church home…provision…rescue…deliverance…mended relationships…Jesus – the center of my joy…joy

    Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney sang this in the Movie White Christmas, 1954

    When I’m worried and I can’t sleep
    I count my blessings instead of sheep,
    And I fall asleep counting my blessings.
    When my bankroll is getting small
    I think of when I had none at all,
    And I fall asleep counting my blessings.

    This is what I am singing…Jeanie

    NOTE TO SELF:  Be more purposely thankful and grateful, for the love of Pete.  No whining!  I am blessed.