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Truly, I promise – I have home tours coming!  Several people, *ahem, have said soon they will share their spaces.  They will show us what makes their home their home!  Meanwhile, the firstborn has submitted hers.

Tara is a home-maker, as many women are.  She makes home while mommying, wife-ing, travelling in ministry, song-writing, recording, etc.  She is always excitedly telling us about one project or another and very thoughtfully creates spaces that reflect the love between her and Dave, for their son and the life of worship to God they are building.  A guest in their home recently commented, “Your house is…warm.”  It is!

Tour Tara’s Home:

They use every inch of yard space to enjoy their family life.  And loving the outdoors like they do, Tara utilized an old tree stump as wall art later adding sepia prints from a family photo shoot.  It is striking.  And simple!

img_1143 img_1098

You can kind of see the loft and skylight above and the kitchen opening from the living room.  The old window matches my coffee table as it is from Tara’s elementary school in Nebraska.  Tara specifically left the dishes in the sink under the word “Life” because that is what dishes are!

img_1124 img_1129

Photos of the little guy hang on a dining area wall.  Tara loves to organize life via bulletin and message boards.

img_1122 img_1147

Down the hallway, and a picture of our Home Tour hostess – taking pictures.  By the way, Tara told me she really had a blast photographing her home – just like I told her she would.

img_1130 img_1127

Old maps, atlases, anything about world travel can find itself in the Powers family decor.  There are a lot of photographs of their little family, peach soy candles, and one-of-a-kind art by a friend atop the bookshelves.

img_1101 img_1106

In the upstairs bath, French poster art (on canvas), and a piece from Tara’s sister, Stephanie, – the tree above the bath tissue.

img_1111 img_1120

A gift: Hunter in pencil; Dave’s guitars as art in the loft/TV area.

img_1140 img_1115

Giant art canvas painted by Pearl as a headboard.  A photo I really love (I found it in my pictures) of Tara, Dave and Hunter Christmas 2007.  They took it themselves and it really captures them at home.

img_1134 powers-christmas-copy

Hunter’s room-you gotta LOVE this poster of him with daddy and the accompanying scripture.  Some of his weaponry hanging.  They are good about encouraging the wild-hearted boy in him.

img_1158 img_1150

These are some of the parts of Tara’s home that makes it theirs.  I can think of other scenes in her inviting house that I am surprised she didn’t send.  I hope she’ll discover more of the home she is building through the camera lense.  It is a wonderful new way to see.

Wanna give us a tour of your home?  C’mon!!  let me know…Jeanie