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Sweeeeeeeeeet November

How does November smell?

Spicy, like cinnamon.


How does November look?

Golden, like autumn squash.


How does November sound?

Crunchy, as you shuffle through the leaves.


What color is November?

November is Topaz, a multi-faceted golden, orangy, yellowish amber Topaz.


What is November’s mood?

Lovely, filled with gratefulness and love; chock full of thanksgiving.


What is the texture of November?  Does it feel like something?

Yes.  It feels like a chenille throw, soft and fuzzy, warm and cozy, by firelight.  Naturally.


How does November taste?

Sweet.  Like the purest honey.  Sweet is November.


Remember the movie called “Sweet November” ?

Overall, pretty lame, as Keanu {so very cute, but seemingly pretty empty-ish and not much good at dramatic parts), plus the melodramatic storyline will most usually end up (did you recall hoiw much hope I had for “A Walk in the Clouds”?   *sigh…).  Anyhow, rather unsatisfactory and weird story, but a few interesting quotes I am fond of and the title is nice! ;p

Nelson:  Why a month?    Sara:  Because it’s long enough to be meaningful, but short enough to stay out of trouble.

Nelson:  Try to be wrong once in awhile.  It’d do my ego good.

Sara:  You’re my immortality, Nelson.

Sara:  Nelson, do you want to be my November?    Nelson:  Yes.

Nelson:  November is all I know, and all I ever want to know.

Nelson:   This is it.  Life will never be better or sweeter than this.


If only the movie had been as lovely as these lines…FYI:  A really really great movie to see each November is “Pieces of April”   starring Katie Holmes.  It is a sweet Thanksgiving movie (thank-you Rob and Carol Ann for introducing me to it!).

PICTURED:  The K-kids – Gavin, Guinivere and Gemma; and Hunter-Magoo!