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The Jesse Tree by Robin

My sister-in-law, Robin has made the Advent season a fun {not to mention super educational} adventure, great learning for the whole family that brings meaning to the Christmas story with symbols and stories from the whole Bible.

First things, first, though:  I am totally ripping off all the images from THIS BLOG:  http://alicia-lafamille.blogspot.com/2011/11/our-christmas-tradition-jesse-tree.html which you will want to go read because this is a mommy with young children who has actually been using the Jesse Tree for a few years and making it a family tradition for Christmas.

Tradition + eternal meaning = important!  And fun!!

Robin has put together a whole box of goodies for Advent.  There is a book called The Jesse Tree.  It has scripture readings each day through Advent and a couple of devotionals to choose from , depending on the age of your children.  But let me just say – every adult who participates will learn. too.  The really fun part is that there is a corresponding ornament for each day’s devotional and you get to see the story of Jesus through God’s dealings with His people all the way from Genesis to the birth of our Savior!

Alicia (who has very groovy taste in music, I might mention) posted these great examples on her blog (along with bite-mark and “kid-scribble” explanations.  You, of course will have to provide those yourself.  They are not included in the set!


You learn.  You hang the ornament on the tree.  And everyday after that, when you see that ornament, you recall the plan of God to share His love with us down through the ages.  Perfect!


I wholly encourage you to get your family one of these keepsake, limited edition sets.  Contact Robin moslander123@gmail.com.  Each set is $85 plus s & h.  Good investment.

THIS YEAR, I am thinking of displaying the whole set for the whole season.

The blogger of My Sweet Savannah (www.mysweetsavannah.blogspot.com) offered this idea last year (a foam-board covered in fabric and framed, I think…it was a screen save…need to find).  I may put a portion of scripture on each card so I may meditate on them all season long.

I will let you see what I end up with.  :-)